There is a question that holds me back from writing and publishing my struggles and thoughts into the world. Not mentioning that it may be embarrassing, uncomfortable, or amusing to someone. Anyway I am knowingly taking this action.

Why would anyone find my words interesting?

Obviously, there are tons, if not tons of tons, of alike content that can be found on the Internet. So why would you be interested in a guy living his live in the middle of nowhere? I hope you will have your own answer soon.

I made a promise to myself to stay authentic and same time share stuff that is helpful for someone. The truth is that every single person’s viewpoint is unique because everyone has different values, priorities, imagination, experience, simply everyone is different. There are just principles that are applied on the background that we see consciously or unconsciously on which we, as people, either agree or disagree. Because of that also my progress is unique and cannot be copied out and applied to anyone, but underlying principles can be copied out and applied on everyone.

This is my answer to the question. I am one of a kind but the basis is most of the time universal. I am giving out my skin and sharing my soul so you can learn from my experience, or just entertain yourself and I am fine with it.

By reading about my progress you may identify yourself in similar situations where I happened to be before or having similar feelings as I had, but at your present day. If so, it probably is a sign that you need to start moving. It is hard, it sucks sometimes, but it is definitely worthy and very rewarding in the long run. I promise.

So stay tuned for more to come, I am just getting started. For couple of years now I am very invested in getting fit physically, I enjoy working out, learning about it and sharing wisdom how to start, continue and refuse to quit. I also enjoy growing my personality and relationships. To be honest, I am aware that I am far from perfect, actually I am sure that I never want to reach the state of perfection. In that case there would be no room for progress which in my eyes equals boredom.

I hope you will enjoy what you are reading and always feel free to add comments or post any question about everything.

P.S. I love quotes, because in its nature a quote is someone’s thought which is often worth considering. Therefore, now and then you will see some quotes that made me thinking.

“Most people live and die with their music unplayed. They never dare to try.” – Mary Kay Ash

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