Perhaps the only important definition I need to spell out is what does the Progress mean to me. Naturally, everyone has own understanding and due to that I want to share mine so you can understand how I measure Progress.

Progress means consciously moving from one point in life to another. It means doing things and executing ideas that help to proceed from yesterday towards tomorrow utilizing today.

Progress is the ability to see where I stand today compared to where I was days before.

It took me very long time to realize and admit this fact. But once I stopped comparing myself to others it helped in many ways. I stopped wasting my time and life-energy on something that has no value, at all. It is just guessing without facts, and what is worse it often brings negative energy to life. When I did, I used to compare myself to someone who is superior to me and because of that I felt inferior. Feeling inferior, useless, weak, any similar adjective, is not the winning mindset. Yes, I could compare myself to someone who I am superior to, but what for? No good comes from looking down at people, they will sense such an attitude.

This approach about comparing myself to others used to be very common in the gym. I used to look at huge guys who were lifting weights that I could have only dreamed about. Then I looked back at myself and I felt powerless, when I was only doing empty barbell. Can you feel the negative energy that radiates from this attitude?

Today I understand that every single person has unique body & mind structure. That is a fact of Nature and it determines everyone’s abilities and predispositions. As a result I am completely different from anyone else so why would I compare apples to oranges? In my opinion it is way more beneficial to compare apple to an apple, and focus on how they are evolving to become the best apple you can have. Today I do not compare to those guys anymore, neither do I look down at someone who is only starting his journey. Besides that I try to help beginners out, and I only compare where I was standing yesterday. What is important, when I see the positive difference that I made I feel more motivated and devoted to what I am actually doing. I feel like I achieved something that I used to dream about. This is what keeps me going.

The more I focus on myself the better the results are, because I am not distracted with things that are out of my reach to change or affect in any way. The more I adopt this approach to my life the better it gets.

Sometimes Progress may not be positive, however it still is movement. Most of these unpleasant occasions will reveal their positive asset as time passes.

“Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

The most important ingredient of Progress is action. If there is no conscious action, there is no Progress. Simple fact. One can be waiting countless days, perhaps some Progress will happen on its own, but that would be nothing in contrast to what can be done willfully.

In addition, once I started making Progress, different areas of improvement came on their own. As a side effect. This is my belief about how to make sufficient money one needs in life. Make conscious and constant Progress, improve and grow yourself and money will come as a side-effect. This way is more pleasant and rewarding than plain hunt for money because they are money. This, of course, does not claim that by hunting money it is impossible to acquire them.

The most necessary period when one needs to take any action is the time when one feels the worst. Usually it also is the time when taking any action seems to be the hardest thing because the least number of options is properly visible. Recently I felt lost in my life and I was paralyzed by these feelings. But I decided to take action even though I hardly saw good opportunities. I decided to start this blog and I convinced myself and converted it to a belief that this is a kick-starter to something bigger!

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