There is a time in a person’s life called adolescence. It is when you think you are already old enough to know better, but in fact you only think that. You know nothing. There is no firm age range when this should be happening. Although it is meant to be while in teenage years, for some it may happen in their twenties, or later, or never. Some may experience it multiple times. It is often a period when you make your huge personal Breakthrough, you change your life in some way. And change is the Progress.

My first real Breakthrough was a bit late, but I am endlessly grateful that it arrived. I was 22 already, after first break-up, when I was the person who was let go. I did not understand what actually happened back then, I had created many justifications for myself. Even though they helped me to survive the moment of heart-breaking pain, the attitude I had, was not of the best. In addition, I was quite chubby and overweight. All of a sudden my world changed completely and the main objective of my existence, my girlfriend, disappeared. This was the wrong attitude I had.

At that moment I started to realize the inner feeling I had. I felt uncomfortable in my own body! Despite I was doing some sports all my life I had no physical shape and capacity. I was barely able to perform couple of push-ups. That is a poor state for a young man!

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” – Socrates

Does there even exist any bigger motivation to start taking action? On top of that I had a long-lived desire to have a good-looking body. As a kid I always wanted it, truly wanted.  The situation I was at has two possible sequels:

  1. I stay to weep and have no Progress
  2. I start to take action and have Progress

The first option meant to stay a victim of my life and carry on with old habits – over-eating, chips, chocolates, ice-creams, lots of alcohol, etc. The second option meant to do things differently. How? I had no idea, I mean exactly none. But I knew I need a change. Perhaps, it was the mixture of feelings and the desire I had that triggered my subconscious mind to start making decisions that would help me.

So I started, something like jumping into deep blue ocean with no ability to swim. I could either drown and revert back to old patterns, or learn how to swim and reach the new shore. The desire kept me in my new learn-to-swim salvation goal. Despite all the comments from people around me, the fact that I had no knowledge, the fact that often even I was pulling myself down, I endured to listen to my intuition and the pay-off was enormous. I started making Progress, tiny step at a time which is the essence of the matter.

Overnight I made a decision to drop old nutrition habits and start visiting the gym. During the first week I went three times. Then the weekend arrived and I had a plan to get drunk, so obvious. Possibly my psyche did not like my intentional plan and expressed it quite roughly. I did some stupid shit and ended up with a broken arm. This led to a month with my right arm in gypsum. Many would probably resign, but I knew that the path I chose will be long enough to have many obstacles to overcome. Again, my desire served as the driving force. For instance, I was preparing salads with my broken arm. As a result after a month I was lighter by 4 kgs just by adjusting what I consumed. Awesome, I did it on my own! This small Progress during the hard time made my motivation even bigger.

Naturally, I had a completely different view and understanding at that moment. It’s the time that passed and showed me what a huge decision I made, unconsciously driven by desire and inner feelings of discomfort. Looking back I see that moment to be my first personal Breakthrough. What is more important, if examined carefully it can serve as a grounding for my future, in case I am able to learn what and how happened. This decision brought many cheerful moments into my life as well asit revealed the struggle I love to conquer, everyday since. It showed me that taking small steps to make deliberate Progress pays-off to great results in long-term. Moreover, it substantially changed how I value myself, and that has impact everywhere. This Breakthrough was a kick-off point to changing my mindset. But a long story follows…

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