This post is opening the series that I will be writing about gym, fitness, workout and all related themes. It is dedicated to a single worst habit that people have when visiting a gym.

In my eyes this is the biggest roadblock for many people that holds them back from having solid, or any Progress. The same time it is probably the most stupid one, but fortunately it should be moderately easy to get rid of.

There are many reasons why a person visits a gym. Hopefully, the first, fundamental and most obvious is to perform some physical activity on his way to achieving a goal – acquiring healthy body, better physical shape, etc.. If the person means it seriously, this should also be the only reason. However, for some it may happen that they mean it seriously but still lack some necessary information and thus it ends up the improper way, which is the better case. But what is worse, there are people who just visit so they feel like they did something for themselves (or someone else) but in fact they did nothing. Honoring the gym only with your presence is not enough. It is necessary to pay to be rewarded! Not money of course. And ultimately, there are also people who only visit to show off, either directly in the gym or to take a picture and post it online. Sad.

Maybe you already have the idea that I am speaking about smartphones. We all have them today, even grandparents already have them. We all benefit from the perks they have, but sadly many of us are simply subconsciously controlled by a smartphone.

The gym is not a place for smartphone. Period.


I feel sorry for a person when I see him/her to look/type/browse at the phone during a workout. Quite often this is happening with bigger passion than exercising itself.

I have a fellow that I once met in the gym. Our routines crossed a bit. But just a bit. I was mostly done while he barely reached any pace at all. Yes, the smartphone. While we were talking I tried to suggest him to leave the phone in the locker room. I received so many excuses to have it around that I just gave up. It was necessary to have it because:

  • …it has stopwatch. Easy, buy wrist watches.
  • …he needs it because of music. Sure, get an iPod.
  • …it has an app with recorded routines. Use the paper for results’ sake.

And I could follow with more…

It’s funny I never had this urge. However, to stay true I want to admit that I always have my phone in my pocket because I use it for music. When it comes to replying or anything else I do it very rarely. Whereas music is one of essences that energize me and help me to make my way to Progress.

What is the reason?

It is fairly simple that, paradoxically, it may not be visible to some people. Every single exercise has its technique how to perform it which is very important and differentiates between success or even health damage. Every movement is a joint labor of multiple muscles. Muscles are controlled by our brain. Our brain receives information and sends impulses. In situations when a person is distracted by something that is not related he loses concentration and therefore he cannot perform efficiently. Not even well. Hence concentration is as important as workout itself and it surely influences results. If a person constatnly distracts itself by using the smartphone, the brain adjusts for last 2-3 reps maybe, or  not at all.

Just for illustration what I am speaking about. How many car accidents happen everywhere around the globe where there is a lack of concentration involved because of a phone? Countless. What is worse these accidents often take lives of people, including innocent people who happened to be in a wrong place at a wrong time. And why should exercising be any different? Just because it does not cost a human’s life it does not need to be performed correctly?

So get rid of excuses, leave the phone in locker, and finally make some kick-ass Progress! Or accept the fact that exercising is not your thing and use the time in another way that brings Progress into your life.

P.S. A sad example of improper use of a smartphone, a car accident – link here.

4 thoughts on “Reason to fail with gym Progress.

  1. It is true about sooo many other parts of life too. So many things I abandonned because I found myself only checking my phone and not paying any attention 😉 Great way to realize if one really wants something though!


  2. I totally agree! People often just pretend to be somewhere when in fact they are non-present spiritually. Moreover, it is also a pretty reliable way to tell if someone is interested in the moment he is at 🙂


  3. Very interesting point about the smartphone in the gym. I’ve started to leave my phone in the car when I’m at the gym and it really does force me to be more aware of how I’m feeling after a set. If anything, I think it definitely makes me feel more self aware.


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