Lately I was a bit busy. Although, busy is not the best word to describe the state in which my mind happened to be, let’s just put it that way. The result is that no post was published for quite a long time. Whatever, I am doing this for myself mainly and if i don’t feel like writing I will not. Period.

I was stuck in a situation that I was subconsciously creating and was not able to understand how to step out of the circle. Nonetheless, it is already gone. Perhaps, I will write a post about it later, with some time passed so I can have a different view.

Negative things aside. I want to share with you the unbelievable positive energy that I received from a buddy of mine. Fortunately for me he stayed around for almost a week and every single day was special. I can’t precisely tell why, but I surely can feel it.

We know each other roughly for 4 years, out of which we only spent barely 4 month in the same city, during that period a sincere connection was created. A person I knew just for few weeks and there was I having personal conversations that I never had with a number of people I have known for years. How is that possible?

There are times when we get in touch after several months. A call, or a text, but I was and I am always happy to hear back. I am always curious how is he doing. Jan is from a different country, but also he is a guy who decided to abandon the traditional system, at least for now, and wander around places on the globe. Something I really admire, something many people dream about, but a thing that just a few can actually do.

Therefore, it was a small miracle for me, when he decided to pay me a visit and come down to Brno. I know not why, but till the last minute it was hard to believe. And then it happened. A week passed immediately, beer was in abundance (yeah, I know, not a fitness, but sometimes you also need to turn your body off for a while, to have balance, to deepen the motivation, and more), good memories as well. There was a lot of topics to talk, as always. To be honest, I do not remember a moment when we had nothing to discuss. And if we started talking politics, that could go on for hours, maybe days, haha.

Everytime we meet, I my life-energy levels get restored. I really struggled to make some progress in my life recently, but this week helped me. It helped me to stop thinking for a while, and I did a lot of that bullshit. I just tend to overdo thinking stuff, thus taking no action. No action equals no Progress. Simple. Sometimes, Progress takes an ingredient in order to slightly push it. That may often be a person. That will often happen without you noticing, you will just feel it afterwards.

It is important to realize which people in your life do make the positive difference. It is even more important to cherish these friendships, because if they blossom your life will as well. Ultimately, the sadness in our lives can be broken down into a handful of items. One of them definitely is the quality of relationships, not only as partners but also as family members, mates, colleagues.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ― Anaïs Nin

Buddy, thanks a lot for seeing me! I hope we will meet soon again. I know we will. I will put in my effort so it can happen, it is just a matter of time.


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