I love music. Even though I cannot produce music, I love listening to music. I mean, today you can just hit a couple of tones and call it modern art. But no, I don’t have skills to give tones a proper form and deliver a track. A skill I always admired, wanted to have, but hated to sit on my butt and practice, thus it was obvious to give up on that dream. Of course, I am not saying never.

Now I want to share how important music is for me and the quality of my workout. I understand that everyone is different and some people just do not listen to any music, but there is one powerful psychological thing about it. And for that sake it is worth a try, or just grabbing the idea and applying it in a different, more suitable, way.

Why is music so important?

You see, I believe that human behavior is programmable. Way too many aspects of our lives are organized by various habits we have formed in ourselves, or others have formed in ourselves. Habits, in their essence, are somewhat automated actions that we often don’t think about them anymore¹.

Perhaps, you are already getting the puzzle. Music can help you program your brain. I did it with my brain and it works perfectly!

Besides, I am used to workout alone, without a sparing partner, rather music is my partner. It never is late, nor it ever is lazy, it’s always there. Yes, you may say that usually there is some music in the gym. I agree, but the effect of programming would not be so significant. Moreover, music in the gym often does not suit my taste.

One more thing is that you can’t get easily distracted when listening to your playlist. You only notice what you want, the concentration gets better. You have your music, your workout, your goal, and your Progress as a result.

How do you program yourself?

The thing is that you need to create an association between certain type/list of songs and your brain. Therefore having a solid playlist of your favourites is very helpful. The programming happens when you listen to these songs during workouts. The brain will connect tracks to physical exercise. Unfortunately, this does not happen after 3, 4, 5 reps, nor a month. Ultimately, it takes months, maybe couple of years, but it is very much worth it. Anyway, if you are already vissiting a gym, it only takes to start listening to your own music set.

How do I know it is already there?

Sometimes, when I randomly hear a song from my playlist in a radio in public place, my brain reacts and I feel prompt urge to pump some iron.

Also, it already is helpful on your way to the gym. Because the correct state of mind is very important for workout, it will help you to set the correct mood. Perhaps, it can also be seen as a pre-workout “supplement”.

Best tracks

I want to share some of my most favorite tracks that can always get me into the mood as well as listening during workout pushes me for another rep or two.

  1. Kanye West – Stronger
  2. AC DC – T.N.T.
  3. Rammstein – Feuer Frei
  4. Die Antwoord – Baby’s on fire
  5. Metallica – Fuel
  6. Rammstein – Mann gegen Mann
  7. System of a Down – Toxicity
  8. Kanye West – Power
  9. Eminem – Survival
  10. Kanye West, Jay Z – Niggas in Paris

This is a list of tracks specifically for pre-workout while they will pump your mind! For complete list of Best Workout Tracks you can follow me on my Spotify profile.

Please comment on the post and share your favorite workout tracks. Because I workout a lot, I am in constant need for new tracks :).


¹ If you wish to discover more about this topic, check out the book Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. Very interesting, experiment-proofed reading.

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