Recently, me and a bunch of my old friends had a nice hiking journey. In fact, we have it as a tradition. Back in the days when we were high school kids we started this habit. We had plenty of time during summer vacations so we thought it’s a wonderful idea to explore the beauty of Slovak nature. Slovakia may not be an industrial giant or too powerful country, but the nature that is on its territory is spectacular. Anyway, this year was an anniversary – 10th expedition since we started trippin’ every summer. As a destination we chose Slovak Paradise¹, a National Park  we visited on our first hike.

To make it more fun, we have a solid burden on our backs. We carry the full-pack with all necessary accessories, food, tents,etc. We move around the places, we sleep in tents. Therefore it’s not that simple as a walk in the garden, it’s a seriously stiff shit.

This is hiking.

In my eyes, hiking can be a synonym to Progress. Why am I saying that?

Hiking reminds me a lot about how Progress feels and what Progress is:


  • You begin somewhere at a starting point – under the hill.
  • You have the vision which hill you want to reach.
  • You depart, you walk, you struggle, you swear & sweat.
  • Every step gets you a tiny bit closer to your goal. You Progress a step at a time, not more.
  • When you are too exhausted, you just take a break. Refill, snack, rest and then you continue the path.
  • There are stages when you simply want to say “Fuck it, I’m done.”
  • But you choose to persist, because there is no way back.
  • Suddenly the summit flashes somewhere not that far away. New motivation to keep pushing.
  • Voila! Finally you reach the summit! The delightful feeling of achievement rushes in. You are the “King of the Hill”.
  • When you look back you suddenly realize that the track was not that though as it seemed on the way up.
  • Now you are stronger than before and ready for new exciting challenges.

The connection.

Ain’t this similar to how Progress works? I think, it’s not similar, it’s the same. Similarly, the Progress commences somewhere down below. You start taking action where tiny steps are determinants of Progress. You often want to quit, you may take breaks, but you persist. You start seeing results, the summit flashes now and then. You keep pushing, and then sooner or later you reach your top

With a thrilling journey behind your back, you feel great. You gained new experience, met some inspiring people. You moved towards you better self, better than it was before the journey happened. This is what I call Progress. And this is why you need Progress. Improve yourself, be better than yesterday!

“Many paths lead from the foot of the mountain, but at the peak we all gaze at the single bright moon.” – Ikkyu

Feel free to share your thoughts about Progress. What it means to you, what it reminds you of, what is most important to make Progress, etc.

¹: some more beautiful pics of the National Park here

4 thoughts on “The beauty of hiking.

  1. Ooooh yes! Especially when the rest of the pack is ahead and there is no one who could cheer you up.. The only hope are the leftovers of your will and “do-not-stop” rule 🙂


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