Second post under 200 words. A quick one. About a quick Progress. Not necessarily is the Progress a slow process. Sometimes it can definitely take a swift, even sudden nature. Then it only takes moments for it to happen. And it can even be a big step in your life.

A couple of days ago I realized that I don’t feel comfortable about the way I reside, that I need a change as soon as possible. From my previous experience, looking for apartments is time-and-energy-demanding obnoxious process. Offers go as they come and it’s hard to find a suitable one – location, style, price. However this time I was so determined that it only took 3 days to find and sign one. It took another 3 days to move all my crap between apartments. I say WOW! Never before it was so quick for me. And this is something new, this is Progress. Open up your mind to new things, be determined!

Here I am sitting in my new apartment, sweet sensation. I felt the need, I did the move, the pay-off is satisfying. Just take the fucking action when you are hesitant but feel like doing something important for yourself.

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