Mindset is the most important personal asset in anybody’s life. It is principally in charge of the quality of person’s life. This all sounds very easy, doesn’t it? You just need a correct Mindset, should be easy, but in fact it is one of the most difficult things for a man to compile.

Why is Mindset in charge of you?

There are so many reasons that it probably is not possible to affirm them all. Mindset is a complex set of opinions, viewpoints, habits, bad habits, approaches… That is why it guides you through life. It simply generates inner feelings such as

  • happiness or displeasure,
  • encouragement or resentment,
  • abundance or poverty,
  • appreciation or condemnation,
  • Progress or struggle

which then will result in conscious action or fearful passiveness. However, healthy fear should be the driver of your actions in order to move forward.

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.” – Morris West

Bottom line, Mindset is that spirit that forms your reactions towards situations that happen in life. How you react and position yourself then determines where will you arrive on the route you chose.

The inappropriate attitude.

Bear in mind that it really is not possible to control circumstances, yet it is more than necessary to govern the attitude. Despite, there is an innumerable amount of people who are endlessly trying to manipulate surrounding events or people to in order achieve something they want. Sadly, I used to be one of them. Gladly, I realized all of this as I am sharing it know. Even though it is far from polished, thanks to this epiphany I am wittingly working on my Progress.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”― Marcus Aurelius

As I already wrote before, it all began with a huge realization that there were things towards which I had quite poor attitude. The biggest one was that I was internally disregarding myself in favor of others. I was not a man of my own, I was that sweet boyfriend and an adorable son who just wants to please everybody, just not himself. Thus, there were occasions when I subconsciously tried to manipulate people. This is how I see things in retrospective, obviously I had no idea back then.


How to get the Mindset?

I am not trying to say that to have vigorous Mindset it takes to be self-centered asshole and ignore and hurt people around you. Not at all. What it takes is to find this healthy balance of oneself and others. No man is born with proper Mindset, yet it is acquired

  • by striving for improvement,
  • by developing oneself,
  • by staying curious and conscious,
  • by learning from experience,
  • by working for Progress,

all in all by simply improving one’s personality rather than weeping and complaining about the (un)fairness of the Universe. Naturally, some are brighter and such improvements come easier, but all of us can only improve based on experience. It’s only a matter of choice we make.

It’s easy to give up though.

Getting it right with Mindset is not easy at all. Giving up is easy. Growth is personal – it’s done by you, it stays for you. Because you are the one to harvest what’s good such as fearlessness, confidence, communication skills, wealth, whatever you work for, you also need to be one to experience all of uncomfortable – bad feelings, embarrassing situations, moments of silence or loneliness. Embrace yourself, do it for yourself because you only get what you pay for!

Moreover, lately it gets more complicated to understand what Mindset actually means. The Internet is overwhelmed with differing information, quotes, pictures, opinions. One may get lost quickly. That’s why it is important to be interested in oneself and grow by personal experience. Even better if the experience is driven by inspiration from reading books. Books are more reliable than the Internet is.


Final word on state of mind.

Deliberately planned actions will yield fruits as soon as you start focusing on your Progress rather than on the overall cartoon. It takes years and a great number of (unsuccessful) attempts to master a skill. However, understanding what the Mindset actually is and working on improvement will unlock your world to exceptional possibilities. It will make it possible for you to achieve what you have always craved for, or hold you back from getting it. Improvement will build and greatly enhance the value you can give to the world surrounding you, and that is ultimately the equation – by giving out your value the world will reward you.

“Thoughts have power; thoughts have energy. And you can make your world or break it by your own thinking.” – Susan L. Taylor

Also I wish to say that the hike of improvement is never-ending because there always is and will be room for growth. Therefore, soon I will be writing a sequel. Subscribe to see how far I will progress, comment to inspire and share to spread out the word!

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