It’s time to share some Progress of mine. Since it all began with my first real Breakthrough some time has passed. It’s not been all roses but shit as well and I also had though times while arriving where I am at the moment. But I did enjoy it, because everything is a part of the journey. Life is a journey.

Before take-off.

I was around 112 kilograms when I made the decision that I actually don’t like the direction of the road I happened to be on. With age I was only adding-up on weight, never losing any besides when I had some health issues and was restricted from eating. With time moving forward it would only get worse. Why? Because it’s foolish to expect results to change when you do things the same way. I was barely able to do 10 push-ups, and that feelings was killing me. Have a look, this pic was taken before I even started:

2011-06-26 12.06.55_c

Roughly after a month I was 4 kilograms lighter even though I was not able to exercise at all due to broken forearm. And it felt awesome! I actually achieved something for myself. A noteworthy fact follows – nutrition is as important as workout, if not even more. So the first picture I made intentionally in order to track my transformation is below. Here, I am about 107 kgs. It was not a real reason to smile yet…


It’s okay.

A major change takes long time to process in order to make it persist, to make it really yours. You are not changing a pair of shoes for a walk, you are changing the fundamentals and core beliefs that guide you every day. At certain points you can easily fallback to your old pattern and it is okay. Once in a while you can get drunk or eat some unsuitable food, but don’t remember to stay focused. Above all, don’t punish yourself with negative thoughts in situations where you subconsciously do something wrong. Such thought can easily drag you back into the spiral of anxiety and make you drop off your new path.

But the real struggle begins.

Basically, it is not that hard to lose a lot of fat assuming you are obese. The trick is done by replacing improper nutrition habits with healthier ones. Even better if you enhance your  ambition with some energy-expense in the gym. But the real struggle begins when you lose your outer jelly-armor. Suddenly you will notice how “small” you are and that your body has no shape. The following pic was taken somewhere 8 months after I lost about 20 kilograms of weight – mostly fat, and was already visiting gym.


The real thing is to stay long enough and build up some muscles. This takes way more time, effort and patience than just loosing what’s over the normal state. Good news is that if you lasted till this point, it is most likely that you will continue. Science says that creating a new habit takes 21-30 days. Here you are after several months, thus the habit is already strong enough to leave your mind. Moreover, Progress is addictive! Whether good or bad, here I became an addict. Steadily the number of push-ups increased, even more now I am able to do 10 pull-ups as well, which was no-go before, not a single one. The sweet sensation that arrives every time you find out that you can actually do a move you were not capable of before… Obviously, not all will like, nor all will save some words to try to lower my mind, but I am not doing this for anybody. I believe no further commentary is necessary.

Is there an end?

I guess there is no real end on this pathway. In my case this habit penetrated all areas of my live and became a part of me. This is what I am, this is what wakes me up in the morning when I go to gym at 6.30 AM. This is what makes my days more cheerful and energetic, this is what excites me. And because it changed me so much, I want to repay the debt and help others to improve as well.

So 3.5 years after my Progress started, this is how it looked..


.. and 4 years is this:


Follow me to see more, to learn more, to get better yourself. Invite friends so they can get better as well. Make a competition out of it, because it makes the commitment higher and Progress stronger. And of course, share your Progress with me!


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