Have you ever wondered that there is so much motivational stuff everyone? This is what the headline question represents when I say it. In recent few years a lot of people tend to engage in motivation, self-improvement, out-of-comfort-zone thinking, etc. But what do you think is the cause?

Evolution of a human took centuries.

This is a topic usually taught in schools. I am sure you remember the big picture about evolution; details are not so important for our cause. Anyways, it took thousands of years that Nature invested in humans in order to form what we are today. Slow and steady Progress to adapt human-like creatures both to habitat and the way of existence. Undoubtedly, mankind always put a lot of effort to help improve their circumstances and learn new skills and discover new ways. Modern civilizations are around for 4-5 thousand years. During that period ,and especially before, people were used to move. Physical movement was necessary due to survival, manual labor, no infrastructure, no transport means for masses. All of such began with Industrial Revolution which happened late 18th century. It took humanity another more than 2 centuries to get where we are today.


Transformation is too swift to adjust to.

The beginning of 20th century brought even faster uprise of humanity – inventions such as trains, automobiles, manufacturing technologies and lately also information technologies.  All of this happened in about a single century. And that is just too short. Think about it. It took us few millenniums to get to start the revolution, but since then it only took us as much as 100 years to make unimagined Progress. On one hand it is beyond belief what humanity achieved in such a short period of time, on the other hand it is just too much to comply with. Our brain as well as our body has not yet adjusted, they are absolutely delayed.

The real issue is lack of movement.

We are not designed to sit the amount of time we actually sit during the day in the modern era. We started to lack movement that is so natural to our bodies. We changed our lifestyle because there is plenty of stuff that distracts our attention. We started to pursue momentary pleasures over long-term achievements that require investments of energy and pain. We are trying to fix many of our inner personal issues by buying worthless bullshit rather than legitimately dealing with problems. The abuse of technology is actually very popular – people have sedentary jobs after which they arrive home and continue with sitting. Even more it is often enhanced by hand-in-hand nutrition habits of comfort – fastfood. This is simply a killer combination.

The result is search for external motivation.

The shortage of humans’ capability to assimilate with the transformation is why we extensively seek for external motivation rather than having enough of our own internal motivation. Another problem is that it is ubiquitous and the amount is overblown. There is so much of it that it becomes irritating – annoying to the point of disgust. As a consequence many people simply despise it because it lost true meaning. What’s worse, there are so many individuals presenting it without truly knowing what it means that it became false and undesirable.


Understanding what’s behind is the key.

Despite all of negative atmosphere around motivation lately, it still has enormous power. This power is revealed only to those who keep searching, who are persistent enough to uncover it. The value is hidden in understanding mainly through personal experience. When you feel the meaning you are able to connect your dots that will sooner or later create the big picture. I believe that personal prosperity, happiness is hugely achieved by reaching the point when you are able to understand the picture that you painted for yourself.

“If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around.” – Jim Rohn


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