Sometimes I just feel beaten by information, yet I continue doing the same on and on. Things like checking my phone even though no new notification arrived, or staring at the Home screen and thinking which app to re-launch. Why?

Might be an addiction, might be a lack of action, might be procrastination, or might be a combination of all, and most probably it is the mixture of more. It would definitely take some time to reveal the root cause, yet finding it must be very rewarding. Hopefully, I will make this Progress one day. Nonetheless, thanks to Gods on Olympus, there are moments when I am able to force myself to disconnect from outer impulses.


Age of Information is here.

Today’s age of information is fast. Actually, it is the fastest era we ever had. The computational capacity of devices we possess is constantly growing as well as the expansion to wider audience is in place. We produce infinite amounts of content every single minute. Certainly, this kind of Progress is an enormous gain for mankind and has so many benefits to contribute to our present. However, as the Nature goes, to all positive there also must be a contradictory side. For sure, there is at least one. People often get overloaded with information. Why? The Internet. Why the heck we need to see random daily bullshit of millions of others? And the whirl starts spinning, we seek for more and we just dig the hole deeper.

It is the time when you isolate yourself from surrounding world that you are capable of disconnecting. Isolating does not necessarily mean to stay alone, you can have a bunch of your relatives, loved ones or friends with you. A big group will easily have someone to spoil the moment of patience. Changing the whereabouts proves to be very effective. Alternatively, the isolation on you own is a completely different experience, no doubt.

Internal vs. External

The amount of information that brain is able to process in a given amount of time is fixed. For some people the amount is higher for others it’s lower. Some may think that the capacity is immutable, yet I am sure it can be cultivated and enhanced over time. What I am trying to point out is the fact that this capacity is sealed toward the source of information, i.e. external or internal. Therefore, the higher the amount of external information we receive, the lower the remaining capacity for internal information to arrive.

The substantial problem is that we became more connected with external world on the Internet and around us, that we in fact are connected within ourselves. For sure, there are many people who pay the energy and make the effort to take steps in this direction, but is it enough? We are constantly disturbed by outer stimulus that we forgot to pay attention to inner feelings. What is worse, in situations when we feel bad we try to heal wounds with external junk rather than some meaningful investments in ourselves. This may be, of course, absolutely different story for countries in Developing World where the amount of information is still not so colossal.

Effect or Defect?


Many drawbacks emerge from overdoing on connection with outside of us. For instance, a pretty common situation is with nutrition. Our minds are restless in constant rush and we simply do not pay attention when eat meals. What is bad about it? The brain does not actually get fed properly, only the body does. The other thing is that we often forget to notice how we actually feel after we ate. One of possible options is a poor feeling. Considering we are not aware we are unable to connect the discomfort to unsuitable meal consumed. As a consequence we will eat the same improper stuff over and over again.

The shitload of redundant information we are now used to absorb steals our willpower to work on things that are important for us. Generally, things that are worthy and create our self-worth are the hard ones. When you waste the willpower for the actual day than you will simply postponse things, repeat the process the next day, and the day after as well. Then you start to feel frustrated by not working for what you want, which can eventually accelerate the vortex even further.

Imagine how big can the impact on your life get, because too much is at stake – self-worth, health, relationships, profession, satisfaction, ultimately the quality of life.

Gladly, the protection exists.


What to do about it? Change your mindset!

This surely sounds cliché and a shit advice, but in fact it is golden. Everything starts and ends the way you think about it. Some examples for inspiration thou:

  1. For me personally, the best opportunity when I can disconnect is the gym time. That’s why I dose it in regular episodes. Gym is the place where I turn on my music and then I am able to disconnect from outer world. Surely, some may fail even this way.
  2. It also is beneficial to include some mindfulness through meditation (or attempts to meditate; try using Headspace) just to learn something about yourself for yourself. This requires to chill out for a couple of minutes in a certain fashion, slow down your mind and see what it actually has to say.
  3. Another option is to get a decent vacation time to time. Change the environment, see places, eat a lot of food, just do everything differently than your routine goes. A short but intense period of time does the service perfectly. And that is why it took 3 weeks for a new post to appear. I was chilling out and restoring energy for the days to come, successfully.

If you like the post, please share. If you don’t like it, share anyway just add an insulting comment. Till next time,


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