Okay, it’s been a while since the last post. But. But everything has it’s time and sometimes you can’t push too hard. Lately I was quite busy with some other, arguably, more important things in my life, thus the blog was postponed. It is just a matter of priorities and I prioritized. And now I just feel like posting about my progress again.

Previously I wrote about how I started working out and where it got me, and it’s here. It’s all been funny and educating journey, however the real deal is to finish the thing. For a while now I am struggling to get rid of the last few kilos of fat and get my body to defined looks. Yes, it is a struggle and my mind clings to it. Mind will probably always want more than it has, wouldn’t it? As a result I am purposefully spending my energy on research, because the result is not to my satisfaction. My mind wants to find a solution as it is a goal I have in my life. As long as I am moving forward I am learning and that is a joyous process for me. Ultimately, that is the Progress, that is the purpose.

The source of knowledge.

Not too recently I found a very educating website called RippedBody. It was through my interest in Intermittent Fasting (IF) that I was researching information about. There is an enormous amount of information available, but the best part is it’s free. Your cost is the willpower and thus the time you need to devote to it. But again, you learn and improve.

Finally, I found a source where information presented makes sense to me and seems like all pieces fall together. I made a decision to try this approach. I believe this may be the thing that will work for me. It took me a solid amount of time, but I successfully extracted the information I needed to start. Here, I want to share the Progress.

The principle to guide me through.

The whole approach is based on so-called Nutritional Pyramid of Importance as is presented on the website. The base and the most important level is Calories. This means that all the activity in your body is determined by your energy intake/expense, i.e. energy balance. The second most important variable is macronutrients. One more important thing, for the sake of healthy digestion and body overall, are vitamins, minerals and stuff that you only have in veggies and fruits. The correct combination of three should make the most significant difference, and if you don’t set up these correctly, than the rest won’t make much.

5.   Supplements
4.   Timing & Frequency
3.   Vitamins, Minerals, i.e. Micronutrients
2.   Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, i.e. Macronutrients
1.   Calorie intake, Calorie expense, i.e. Energy balance

Calculations at the beginning.

As an introduction point I studied a thorough guide on How to set up the diet. The article has all the necessary calculators that will help you to estimate the initial values of your energy intake based on your current status and the goals you want to reach.

My numbers when I calculated were –  weight 92kg, body fat ~15%, activity multiplier 1.375. This amounts in 2059kcal BMR. Multiplied by the activity multiplier I got 2831kcal as a daily balance that will maintain my current bodyweight.

Further, I aimed at fat-loss rate at 0.5kg/week. This means I need to be in calorie deficit, so my body will be losing the weight rather than maintaining of gaining. At this rate, my resulting calorie intake is estimated at 2281kcal per day. Following you select the amount of protein and fat you want the calorie to consist of. My decision was at 2.5 grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight. For fat I went just above the minimum limit, i.e. 1g/kg. The last split is to set calorie intake higher for training days and lower for rest days. Here are my values:


Why do I need a meal plan.

The next step was to create a meal plan that lists precisely what sort of food I will be eating each day. Sure, this may sound like another strict diet. However, I felt I needed a strict attitude for some time right now, because it is hard for me to stays of out various sweets and shit. Moreover, I am sure this is just a kick-off phase where I need to adjust my mind as well as my body to what is coming. Along the way, I hope to learn how I can effectively substitute meals with some occasional treats and not lost the track at the same time.

So the journey started and is ongoing for a couple of days already. I guess I can see some results already, which generates further motivation. I will publish my meal plan in the next post as well as the first results and the overall feelings about the approach. Until then,


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