The Beginning.

The Beginning.

This is it, the first post ever that I am writing for any online resource. Despite the fact that I was thinking about doing this for some time before I have no honest idea why I did not. Perhaps I was telling myself that no one would want to read this. Today I understand that the value is not hidden in a fact whether someone reads what I could say, however I will be truly glad for every single person who devotes his/hers time to finish to follow.

Perhaps, some of you will find these words interesting or even educating, inspiring, motivating and apply them in your lives. And this is the value.

I want to share what I already know even though I am very well aware that there is way more, and will always be, that I have no idea about. As we are surrounded by a bottomless well of wisdom and experience that simply needs to be constantly browsed.

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

The moment a person stops to browse is the moment when the person starts to fail. Fail to make progress, thus fail to live the life as it is meant to be. Because progress is what makes people joyful, progress is what can be seen with the time passed and progress is the measure we can look at to see if the life has quality.

There were moments in my life when I stopped making progress and now, looking back, I see that those periods sucked. But the fact is that I had no perspective about what was the problem, I only had all these bad feelings and thoughts that were controlling my mind, my attitude, thus my actions throughout days.

Maybe what I learned will help someone to see things more clearly and sail for progress. I will be posting about things that I enjoy, that influence me, that help me make progress, that changed me from where I was some time ago to where I am tomorrow.

Ultimately, these posts will show me my progress as time passes.