Progress is personal.

Progress is personal.

Just a moment ago I realized one thing that might be obvious to some of you. It already was in my subconscious mind because it is somehow natural but I have not stated it clearly when I defined what Progress means to me.

The fact is that Progress is a purely personal thing.

Of course, it can have impact on people around you. This may happen when you work on improving your relationships that people involved will notice if you decide to stop wasting your time with them. Also when you choose to change your behavior because you realized that you need to shift yourself in some way. But ultimately it is a thing that is yours only. You are the person who invests energy in order to move forward and you are the person who will harvest the outcome. And that is good news because no one is ever able to take from you the Progress you already made.

Also it is imporant to recognize the fact that making Progress is sometimes selfish. Occasionally you will need to make decisions and simply prioritize yourself, but you are the person that is the most important to you.

Make Progress people!


Quick Progress.

Quick Progress.

Second post under 200 words. A quick one. About a quick Progress. Not necessarily is the Progress a slow process. Sometimes it can definitely take a swift, even sudden nature. Then it only takes moments for it to happen. And it can even be a big step in your life.

A couple of days ago I realized that I don’t feel comfortable about the way I reside, that I need a change as soon as possible. From my previous experience, looking for apartments is time-and-energy-demanding obnoxious process. Offers go as they come and it’s hard to find a suitable one – location, style, price. However this time I was so determined that it only took 3 days to find and sign one. It took another 3 days to move all my crap between apartments. I say WOW! Never before it was so quick for me. And this is something new, this is Progress. Open up your mind to new things, be determined!

Here I am sitting in my new apartment, sweet sensation. I felt the need, I did the move, the pay-off is satisfying. Just take the fucking action when you are hesitant but feel like doing something important for yourself.

Short posts – yes or no?

Short posts – yes or no?

You may have noticed that all posts on my blog are relatively long. I just like to breakdown my thoughts and think them through. It’s a sort of therapy – once you write your thoughts you can see them from completely different angle compared to the viewpoint while they are still in your head.

However, the problem with longer posts is that it takes a lot of time to compose them. At least in my case. Because I am non-native English speaker, it also requires some time to work on editing, choosing correct words, etc. That is the main reason I am not posting regularly, or several times per week. I have ideas, I just do not have enough time to process all of them. Most probably, I will not have more time for my disposal. I guess it is time to start publishing some short posts. And you know what, this is Progress as well! I believe it will help me to express my thoughts in more straightforward way for instance. More benefits will reveal down the road.

Let this be my first post under 200 words, and it will start the series:

Progress under 200 words.

Until next post,